October 21, 2011

Trees Planted In Haiti - An Echelon Gift To Jared Leto

Echelon Donates is pleased to announce the launch of  Trees Planted In Haiti - An Echelon Gift To Jared Leto

Echelon Donates has officially partnered with Timberland and Trees For The Future on their Yele Vert project in honor of Jared Leto's 40th birthday. Here is the official release from Timberland about Yele Vert:

"Currently in Haiti less than 2% of their natural forest is still in existence. Trees are the primary source of fuel & food for the impoverished country. Timberland, (yes the boot company) and Trees For The Future are partners in Yele Vert, a reforestation and agricultural training project in Haiti that consists of six tree nurseries which produce a million trees annually. The nurseries are operated by local farmers who volunteer their time in return for seeds and agricultural training."

You can learn more about their commitment at http://community.timberland.com/haiti

Jared recently visited Haiti, his onetime childhood home, almost one year after the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake. He is currently working on an exclusive book of photos taken during that trip. 100% of the net profits from the sale of this book will go to charities which are working to assist those affected by the quake.

Make your tax deductible donation directly with Trees For The Future here. 

To have your Twitter name added to the presentation card, which will be given to Jared twice in person, please email EchelonDonates@gmail.com the confirmation email from PayPal and your Twitter name. The first list of donors will be listed on a card given by Sophie on November 25, 2011 in Hohenems, Austria & the second round of names will be given by Alicia on December 7, 2011 show in New York City. The project expires on December 22, 2011. A few days before Jared's birthday on December 26th.

You can also help in getting trees planted in Haiti just by using FaceBook. If you and your Facebook friends reach 1 million trees, Timberland will plant them in Haiti. Click here to launch the Plant A Forest For Haiti App.

Thank you for helping the Echelon make a difference.

Alicia @IAm_ECHELON and Sophie @30STMVOTE
Creators of @EchelonDonates

"Where the Echelon gives back"


Norgus73 said...

Such a great innitiative!! And congrats for getting MTVact to write about it!! I've created a virtual forest in the Timberland fb app called 'Subsisto Procul Nusquam'. Anyone want to plant a virtual tree so Timberland will plant a real one in Haiti, go --> http://bit.ly/vUWC3l

christine said...

Until now i never heard any response... did jared get this and what did he say?

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